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Colon Hydrotherapy Equipment


The LIBBE Colonic Equipment is the “Finest State of the Art" Colon Hydrotherapy System available. It is “SAFE” because the Colonic Health Centre - Equipmentequipment is from the United States and has US Government Food & Drug Administration’s [FDA] Approval for “SAFE” use with the American Public. Thus it meets the highest Health, Hygienic & Safety Standards in the Western World.

The LIBBE Colonic experience is generally very Comfortable and Relaxing. Privacy & Dignity is always be maintained.

The treatment condition is Odourless, as all odour is removed by the in-built extraction fans.

The Rectal Tube is Pencil Thin and is supplied as a USE ONCE ONLY, Sterile, Disposable item.

Water for Colonic Irrigation passes through a UV Light Filter and then it’s passed through an Ultra Carbon Filter. These filters will remove 99.9% of all the Micro-organism and Chemicals from our city’s water supply. So the water for irrigating the Colon is Highly Purified and is regarded as SAFE by the United States Government’s Food & Drug Administration or US-FDA Committee!

The Adjustable Water Temperature Range is between 30 to 40 Degrees Celsius.  This can be under your total control, if you desire and can be adjusted to meet your personal temperature preference. The Average Human Body Temperature is around 40 Degrees Celsius. The Colonic Hydrotherapy System is equipped with a Safety Temperature Cut Out Mechanism; this prevents Water exceeding the 40 Degree Temperature Threshold from entering the body. Should the water temperature breaches this Set Point, the Water Pump will Automatically Cuts Out thus ensuring that any water above 40 Degrees Celsius is prevented from entering the body.

The Pressure of the Water is very gentle, because Water is NOT PUMPED into you; rather it is Gravity fed. You can Control the Rate Flow and the Pressure with our OPEN LIBBE SYSTEM.

Should you choose to do so, you can also Easily View the Toxins & Waste being eliminated from your body via our Perspex Viewing Tube. We will explain and help you to understand what’s happening inside your body and bowel through analysing and viewing the waste passing through the View Tube.


What Happens During A Colonic Hydrotherapy Session?


During the Colonic session you lie in complete comfort on your back on a “Semi Reclined, Customised and Cushioned, LIBBE Colonic Bench.”

Your Privacy & Dignity is always maintained throughout the session, because you get undressed in the privacy of the room by yourself. Clothing remains on the top half of the body, while the lower half of the body will be kept covered by a blanket. The therapist will then knock on the door and re-enter the room. The blanket stays covering you throughout the whole Colonic Treatment Session.

As the "LIBBE" Colonic Equipment utilises the superior "Open System," only a “Small Pencil Thin Rectal Tube” is required. After self lubricating the rectal tube with organic papaw ointment, you then gently and easily self insert this tube just 1.5 inches into the rectal cavity.

After the insertion, there is never any need to get up from the LIBBE Bench to go and use the bathroom. The bench itself is sloped, so there will be no mess, all waste is contained and controlled. One just remains semi reclined and relaxed while releasing waste from the body into the catchment well on the bench. Any odour is removed via the built in Extraction Fans, so the environment is odourless.

The aim of the colonic water is to irrigate and dissolve away any dehydrated, impacted and toxic waste inside the bowel. As the water increases in volume in the bowel it stimulates the bowel muscles to contract and you will then release the water, along with the toxins and waste at regular intervals. By pushing throughout the whole treatment session, you will gain further benefit by “Exercising and Re-toning the Bowel Muscles.”

When the Colonic Irrigation Water is being released, it will flow out and around the rectal tube. The water will also carry with it any dissolved mucous, plaque lining the bowel walls, parasites, negative bacteria, dead cells, burnt metabolites and any other toxic waste that has accumulated in the bowel over a lifetime.

All this waste is flushed away by the colonic water on releasing. Both the water & waste drop down into a well where it then runs along a clear Perspex Tube. The waste can be viewed by looking down at the view tube just above ground level before it exits the premises and enters the city’s waste water system.

For personal comfort you can regulate the Water Temperature, Water Flow and Water Pressure by yourself or this can be controlled and monitored by one of the therapists throughout the session.

The Therapists are there to mainly comfort, guide, inform, relax, and support you throughout the sessions. They can show you how to massage the abdomen and large intestine in order to stimulate bowel movement so as to stimulate and speed up the cleansing, detoxification & elimination process.

The Therapists will explain and help you to understand what’s happening inside your body and bowel. Should you choose to view the waste passing out of the body, the therapist will explain to you, how to visually analyse the waste and what affect this waste has on your body, mind and wellbeing.